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Introduction to the use of silicone exterior wall waterproofing agent

Silicone exterior wall waterproofing agent for brick walls, veneer tile exterior walls and coatings, natural stone finish exterior walls of waterproof impermeability, stain resistance, color preservation, weathering resistance, etc. Tile exterior wall surface waterproofing, does not change the original base color. Used in the exterior walls of various buildings, warehouses, sloping roofs, impermeable, leak-proof, waterproof; ancient buildings, monuments, tiles, marble, granite, waterproof, color preservation, anti-pollution, weathering, salt precipitation salt precipitation, anti-fusion, anti-peeling; to prevent the wall from growing mold and moss. It can also be used for hydrophobic treatment of concrete pavement tiles and inorganic insulation materials, especially for various tiles and granite walls.

Silicone exterior wall waterproofing agent usage.

1. Before use, clean up the dust and moss on the surface of the building, cracks and holes should be filled with cement with crack repair agent.

2. Use clean agricultural sprayer or brush to spray the water repellent directly on the dry wall, spray twice continuously. Each ㎏ can spray 4 ~ 5m2 on the wall (according to different substrates).

3. When spraying the water repellent, do not want to spray the doors and windows and other parts to cover. In case of spraying, it should be flushed with water in time.

4. It shall not be affected by rain within 24 hours after construction, and the temperature drops below 4℃ to stop construction, and the construction requires that the base must be dry.

5. The hydrophobic effect can be obtained after 24h at room temperature, and the effect is better after several weeks. Winter maintenance time is longer.

6. During transportation, it should be prevented from rain or sunshine, and stored and transported according to non-toxic and non-dangerous goods. To prevent winter icing, please use loose cover storage or regular loose cover long-term storage (but do not store without cover to prevent failure).

7. Silicone exterior wall waterproofing agent storage period of three years.


Spray quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof coating product characteristics

1) high elasticity: the film elongation at break can reach more than 1000%, suitable for expansion joints and deformation joints, can effectively solve a variety of structures due to stress deformation, expansion cracking, puncture or poor connection and leakage, corrosion and other problems; effective treatment of structural deformation, to ensure that the waterproof effect.

Spray quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproofing coating in the project and construction points to share!

Spray quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproofing coating consists of rubber asphalt emulsion A component and emulsion-breaking agent B component. A component consists of high solids emulsified asphalt and polymer. It will be co-blended modified to form a water-soluble mixture of polymer and emulsified asphalt. component A and component B is sprayed from the two nozzles of the special spraying equipment on site, atomized mix quickly after breaking the emulsion dehydration (within 10 s), coagulation into a film. After efforts, a dense, continuous and complete rubber asphalt coating is formed with high elongation, strong elasticity, excellent durability and waterproof, anti-corrosion, impermeability and protection. A spraying can reach more than 2 mm thickness, fast construction speed, environmental protection.

Silicone waterproofing agent spray (coating) construction method

Silicone waterproofing agent construction is generally divided into grass-roots surface cleaning, crack repair, spraying construction three procedures.

What is the main role played by silicone waterproofing agent?

Silicone water repellent can be used to coat the surface of decorative mortar, natural or artificial marble, natural or artificial granite, decorative concrete, fair-faced concrete, block, brick, etc. It mainly plays the following roles:

Metal roofing waterproof coating, the use of metal roof leakage in steel structures

Metal roof waterproof coating is a kind of metal structure special waterproof coating, made of liquid high-quality acrylate and silane copolymer elastic emulsion, various additives and ultraviolet reflective materials. It has excellent fatigue resistance, UV resistance, low temperature flexibility and excellent elasticity, and can be widely used in various metal roof waterproofing and leak repair projects.

Self-adhesive waterproofing roll-roofing construction process and paving method

Self-adhesive waterproofing membrane paving method there are two main: stretching paving method and crushing paving method. In actual construction, the construction staff can determine their own paste method according to the site environment, temperature, sunlight and other conditions, but exhaust, compaction, anti-wrinkle and other basic requirements or the same.