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Special waterproof coating for metal roof




The advantages of the steel structure building are many, the material is light, the installation is convenient, and some components can be reused. Especially under the influence of the country's vigorous promotion of energy saving and emission reduction, the application of steel structure in the construction field is getting larger and larger, so how long is its service life? This varies according to different regions. The next is 6-8 years, and the inland area is almost 10 years. If it is in an area with dense industrial and mining enterprises, its life will be shortened. Some have leaked less than three years after installation, what is the reason? <br/> Because this material is light and has poor wind resistance, it needs to be reinforced with a large number of screws. At the same time, it will cause artificial damage. We all know that the top layer of steel structure building is a layer of metal composite plate, the thickness should be a few millimeters thick, and its long service life is mainly determined by the anti-rust paint coating on its surface. It is greatly affected by changes in the environment and temperature. The coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction are large, and the anti-corrosion paint coating is damaged. The metal plate below will be rusted up to three years, and leakage will occur. <br/> Color steel tile metal roofing special waterproof coating, using exposed special emulsion plus high-quality pigments and fillers, made by a series of chemical reactions with UV aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, high adhesion, high solid content, An exposed waterproof coating with excellent tensile strength and elastic recovery rate, especially for complex parts such as assembly seams, reinforcement screws, vents and other complex parts with special reinforcement materials, waterproof and anti-seepage effect very good. The construction is simple, spraying, brushing and scraping are available, and the color can be customized according to the actual situation on site.


Special waterproof coating for metal roof


Cement-based penetrating crystalline waterproof coating

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