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Construction process and precautions for reactive adhesive waterproofing membrane

With the development of China's construction engineering technology, people's waterproofing construction quality of buildings, environmental protection work requirements are increasingly high. The choice of excellent waterproofing materials, the use of advanced construction techniques, is used to ensure the waterproofing effect of the building and the main factors of structural safety. Reactive adhesive waterproofing membrane is a new type of waterproofing materials, with simple construction, waterproof performance, energy saving, low-carbon environmental protection and other advantages. With the popularization and application of reactive adhesive waterproofing roll-roofing, we continue to explore, improve and summarize the formation of proprietary construction techniques, the following we will introduce you, reactive adhesive waterproofing roll-roofing construction considerations.

Reactive sticky waterproofing roll-roofing material type and scope of application

Reactive adhesion waterproofing roll-roofing in the process of structural slab pouring, concrete and sidewalls before pouring pre-paving roll-roofing. Applicable materials are Exsede-C pre-paved counter-adhesive polymer for modified research, asphalt has waterproofing construction coil, wide self-adhesive polymer waterproofing roll-roofing material.

Wet waterproofing system: the material used is a deep and wide wet waterproofing roll-roofing material.





Reactive adhesion waterproofing volume material construction process

Preparation → grass-roots treatment → brush matching grass-roots treatment agent → detail node additional layer construction → datum line construction → reaction sticky waterproofing coil laying → exhaust compaction → lap edge compaction sealing → façade coil fixed sealer → inspection and acceptance → protective layer construction.

Construction preparation: including the main materials, auxiliary materials, construction management grass-roots level, site environmental conditions, technical research program, grass-roots level treatment: grass-roots level should meet the standard requirements, smooth, clean, dry, flat and high joints at the yin and Yang corners to form a rounded arc.

Reactive adhesion waterproofing membrane grass-roots treatment meets the requirements, grass-roots surface painting (or spraying) matching grass-roots treatment agent. Grass-roots treatment agent painting (or spraying) should be uniform and consistent, should not be exposed to the bottom, the surface is dry before paving the coil. Seam additional layer construction: according to the relevant specifications or design requirements, in the joints with additional layer. Additional layer of the general part of the full bonding, stress concentration should be in line with the relevant specifications of the empty workshop.

Reactive sticky waterproofing roll-roofing material storage precautions

1, reaction sticky waterproofing roll-roofing material in the storage process should be stacked upright. As the waterproofing roll-roofing hollow-shaped, in the horizontal stacking state, waterproofing roll-roofing is easy to be extruded deformation, waterproofing roll-roofing construction process paving construction improperly, affecting the quality of waterproofing construction of the building.

2, reactive sticky waterproofing roll-roofing material is susceptible to chemical media and some solvents, in the waterproofing roll-roofing storage and transportation process, waterproofing roll-roofing material should avoid contact with chemical media and organic solvents to prevent damage to waterproofing roll-roofing material affect the waterproofing effect of the waterproofing layer.

3, reactive adhesive waterproofing roll-roofing membrane after continuous innovation, research and development, the current market a wide range of waterproofing roll-roofing, a variety of waterproofing roll-roofing performance varies greatly. Coil appearance and packaging is relatively similar, it is not easy to identify, waterproofing roll-roofing materials in the storage and transportation process should be stacked according to different types, models and specifications, etc., to prevent misuse of different specifications of waterproofing roll-roofing materials in waterproofing construction, causing building project quality accidents.

4, reactive adhesive waterproofing roll-roofing itself has a certain degree of water absorption, in the waterproofing roll-roofing construction, you must pay attention to make waterproofing roll-roofing surface dry, avoid rain and humidity, after construction do not appear expansion and bonding is not sufficient and other waterproof layer defects.

5, reactive sticky waterproofing roll-roofing storage and transportation should be away from fire sources, to avoid causing fire; modified bitumen-based waterproofing roll-roofing storage temperature should not exceed 45, to avoid the coil winding phenomenon caused by high temperature.