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Do the following work before roofing roll waterproofing construction

1. Technical preparation before construction

Before the roofing project construction, the construction unit should organize the technical management personnel to review the roofing engineering drawings, grasp the detailed structure of the construction drawings and related technical requirements, and compile the roofing project construction plan or technical measures according to the actual situation of the project. This avoids leaving defects after construction and causing rework. At the same time, the project starts construction according to the construction organization in a planned manner to prevent omissions, confusion and reversal from affecting the quality of the project.

With the construction organization, the person in charge of construction in the next step should make a technical explanation to the team. Contents include: construction site, construction sequence, construction technology, structural level, node fortification method, reinforced location and practice, engineering quality standards, technical measures to ensure quality, protective measures for finished products and safety precautions.

2. Requirements for construction personnel and construction procedures

The waterproofing of roofing projects must be carried out by a professional team of waterproofing or waterproofing. It is strictly forbidden to carry out waterproofing of roofing units by units without qualification certificates and non-waterproofing professional teams or non-waterproofing workers. The construction unit or the supervision company should carefully check the work of the construction personnel. certificate. During the construction, the construction unit shall perform quality self-inspection, self-inspection and self-correction according to the construction process and level, and make good construction records. The supervision unit shall do the acceptance work for each step of the process. .

3. Quality requirements for waterproof materials

The waterproof materials used in roofing projects should have material quality certification documents and be certified by the designated quality inspection department to ensure that their quality meets the requirements of "Roof Engineering Technical Specifications" (GB50207-94) or relevant national standards. After entering the construction site, the waterproof material should be accompanied by a factory inspection report and a factory certificate, and the production date, batch number, specifications, and name should be indicated. The construction unit shall take samples for re-inspection according to the regulations. Sampling re-inspection shall be in strict accordance with the witness sampling and sample delivery system. Under the witness of the representative of the construction unit or the personnel of the supervision unit, the construction personnel shall take samples on site and send them to the laboratory for testing. After passing the re-inspection, the re-inspection test report shall be submitted to the waterproof project before being qualified. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified waterproof materials in the project, and all unqualified materials should be evacuated from the construction site as soon as they are discovered.