Main points of roof waterproof construction

1. Environmental requirements for construction In order to ensure the construction operation and the quality of the coiled material, it should be constructed at a temperature of + 50C to + 350C; polymer modified asphalt and polymer waterproof membranes should not be constructed below negative temperature. Constructed at temperatures above -100C, this coil is resistant to low temperatures and is not prone to freeze damage at negative temperatures. Rain, snow, frost, fog, or atmospheric humidity is too high, and windy weather is not suitable for outdoor operations, otherwise appropriate technical measures should be taken.

Do the following work before roofing roll waterproofing construction

1. Technical preparation before construction Before the roofing project construction, the construction unit should organize technical management personnel to review the roofing engineering drawings, grasp the detailed structure of the construction drawings and related technical requirements, and compile the roofing project construction plan or technical measures according to the actual situation of the project. This avoids leaving defects after construction and causing rework. At the same time, the project starts construction according to the construction organization in a planned manner to prevent omissions, confusion and reversal from affecting the quality of the project.

Waterproof construction practices

Waterproof coiled material is mainly used in building walls, roofs, tunnels, highways, etc. to play a role in resisting external rainwater and groundwater leakage. It is a flexible building material product that can be rolled into a roll as a foundation between the project and the building. The leak-free connection is the first waterproof barrier for the entire project and plays a vital role in the entire project. The products mainly include asphalt waterproof membrane and polymer waterproof membrane. This article details the construction methods and precautions of waterproof coiled materials.
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