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Company Profile

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Shandong security source Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. is located in the Yellow Sea, beautiful scenery, four seasons of China Excellent Tourism City - Rushan.

The company is committed to creating a domestic nascent high-end waterproof materials research and development, production base. The company has seven domestic most advanced automatic intelligent green waterproof material production line, engaged in all kinds of waterproofing membrane, waterproof coating, sealing materials and other new building materials research and development, production, sales and construction, it can produce elastomer-modified bitumen membrane 10 million square meters, self-adhesive polymer waterproofing membrane and asphalt compound embryo flexible waterproofing membrane 8 million square meters, polyethylene fiber / polyester composite waterproofing membrane 5,000,000 square meters and all kinds of waterproof anti-corrosion coating 10000 tons.


Product quality is the development of the company's long-term goal. People-oriented company, relying on the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system, the production process of scientific analysis of the product, combined with the company actual production, establish a set of scientific, complete and effective quality management system. The company set up a professional-grade quality control room, the inspector trained national statutory oversight body examination, certificates, the company is equipped with a high, refined, Tsim professional precision testing equipment, for product quality to provide a solid guarantee. Sustainable and stable to provide quality products and services to customers.

Shandong security source waterproof material Ltd. Shandong Dayu Construction Co. Haitong the same group company, Shandong Dayu Haitong Construction Co., Ltd. has two qualifications waterproof construction projects, specializing in waterproofing for nearly 20 years, has a high standard of construction specifications and rich experience in construction. Ann Yu source of waterproof materials and construction Haitong complementary advantages, to high-quality waterproof materials and construction technology professionals to provide the best quality of project quality assurance, professional waterproof construction technology to improve operations, improve the quality waterproof material. In recent years, the security of the source of waterproof material popular acclaim in many major projects in use, has become the first choice of national key projects and development projects waterproof material.

The operating purposes: unity and cooperation, innovation, dedication to quality, harmony and win-win. To create the industry leader as the goal, customer satisfaction as the highest standard. Regularly visit customers, always concerned about the market changes and customer demand, timely adjustment to improve the company's quality management system, to keep the continuity, suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

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